Engaging and interactive video tutorials

Our videos contain interactive elements (i.e. questions), allowing students to participate. Struggling with the questions? Don't worry, GuruKu is there to assist you. Clearer understanding of the topics leads to more confidence and therefore, higher scores! 

Track your progress, improve and achieve

Each student can monitor their level of participation within the app, as well as their performance (i.e. how well they perform on video tutorial questions, quizzes and mock exams). Collectively, these can help our students identify strengths and gaps of knowledge. Based on these measures, GuruKu also generates smart recommendations to help you improve your performance 

Solving a Maths problem made easier with GuruKu

Take a photo of a Maths problem and GuruKu will suggest 3 similar problems and the solutions, providing guidance you need to solve your own problem.


GuruKu cannot find a similar problem? Don't worry, you can chat with one of GuruKu's friendly tutors for help!